(I’ll worry about adding references once this text is the real deal, for now is just a draft of the soup in my head)


Focus group

Connecting to these people:

What a successful first iteration of the project looks like

Who: One or two families that are low income and have very aligned principles with the Objectives session. By “family” I mean group of individuals who want to live and work together in the land. The idea is to connect with local MST folks here, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be them. Where: Nearby the Belo Horizonte region. Reason being: this is my city, my country, I know the social-economical context. I know the climate, I know the politics. It’s the most comfortable place where I can be more effective to develop a program like this. What: Buy land, lease it for free to this family or group of people for as long as they’re making the project happen. (Eventually give the land to them or allow them to buy it from us for cheap). Separate a few months of our lives, build a house together (restore a house together?). Put in practice permaculture practices, understand the environment around us, iterate, adapt, find organizations and partner with them to sell the food. I have no idea how long this takes. We have approximately 3 months, meaning we can’t really plant crops and get them. Maybe a first wave of some crops. We need to set up the sell agreements before we leave the country, but we will have well organized predictions of the production, so it’s fine I guess (or at least so my reductionist mind tells me).

Moving into a scalability

Let’s build an NGO. We give land to people and free support to education. Once they’re comfortably established they pay us back the land. So we can buy more land and help more people! → Ask money to rich organizations and people 🥺